China [Industrials]

Although main line steam is now history, there are still a significant number of steam locomotives in industrial service in 2010. Some of these industrial operations are quite spectacular with locos working heavy trains up severe gradients. Dramatic industrial backdrops can sometimes be included in the photographs while others show lines running through remarkably attractive scenery. This gallery primarily features pictures of steam locomotives taken on trips over the past few years with a few added from earlier trips for good measure.

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China [Main Line]

China was the last country in the world to run steam in main line service and the big show lasted as late as 2002. The country was (and still is) an irresistable magnet for me with excellent scenery, heavy traffic and big engines. The modern scene is also of interest with a variety of diesel and electric classes at work in a splendidly scenic landscape. This gallery features pictures of steam, diesel and electric locomotives taken on trips over the past few years with a few added from earlier trips.

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China [JiTong Railway]

In the mid 1990s China was dieselising rapidly and it was becoming difficult to find photogenic steam worked main lines to visit. Just when it looked like the best was over, the JiTong Railway opened its 943 km line across Inner Mongolia with a large fleet of QJ class 2-10-2s. Steam working lasted until December 2005 when the last fires were dropped. This gallery contains photos taken east of Daban during the last few years. More will be added later. Some pictures of the Daban - Haoluku section can also be found in the China (Main Line) gallery.

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Turkey is a fascinating country with both European and Asian influences contributing a unique culture. The railways are also the result of numerous foreign influences and in the last days of steam, locomotives from America, Belgium, Britain, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany and Sweden could be seen working side by side. The current scene is a lot more uniform with EMD products working most main line services. Most of my Turkish material is on film and will need to be scanned before it can appear here. In the meantime, here are a few digital images from a March 2006 trip to see the total eclipse in Kapadokya.

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